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Working on Smashup

Wed, Apr 16th, 2008 - 16:48
I haven't been posting because I have been in a work blast vortex. Usually when I get wrapped up in a project I neglect everything else in my life (including posting here) until I am finished. It is kind of a shitty way of dealing with stress, but hey, we all have out shitty ways right?

SOOOO.. This time instead of just disappearing off the map as I am prone to do, I am going to post my work notes. I may not say much, but at least I will be communicating through pictures and scribbles. Maybe some of you will find it interesting to watch trains of thought wink in and out of existence. It will make me feel like I am still communicating a little bit with the outside world and thus retaining some of my humanity.

At the beginning it will probably be utter crap and nonsense; this is where all of my work starts. Then hopefully if I am lucky some sort of cohesive vision will arise out of the primordial shit pile, who knows! Cross your fingers.

More about what the project actually is later.